4D Fab™ System - Best-in-class Synthetic Human Antibody Library

We are building the next generation of antibody fragment libraries which are set to surpass the limitations of other synthetic libraries with designs resulting in unprecedented levels of functional diversity. 4D Fab™ - Designed for the Display of Dispersed Diversity.


Antibody libraries based solely on natural repertoires typically yield panels of hits with good levels of functionality but with limited diversity. In contrast, poor quality synthetic libraries will yield far higher encoded diversity but will generally suffer from a high representation of antibodies with poor functionality.

The 4D Fab™ System takes advantage of data derived from the mass sequencing of natural repertoires and the structural resolution of antibody-antigen interactions. These data resources allow our designers to accommodate the local structural environment within the variable domains when designing Isogenica’s libraries. This maximises active functional diversity and minimises post-translational liabilities.

Built using Isogenica’s proprietary Colibra™ technology, the 4D Fab™ System will be completed early 2017 and will represent a best-in-class synthetic antibody library.

If you are interesting in early access to the 4D Fab™ System, why not This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Advantages of 4D Fab™ System


  • High throughput sequencing & repertoire analyses
  • Accurate mimicry of functional germ-lines
  • VH & VL germ-line framework designed and tested for functional display
  • Addressing V(D)J segmental linkage limitations
  • Avoiding post-translational liabilities
  • Accurately built using ColibraTM technology
  • Looking for early access and licensing, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4d fab
State-of–the-art synthetic Fab antibody fragment design
A novel starting point for IgG discovery