llamdA™ System – synthetic single domain VHH discovery


We have combined intelligent library design with the precision of the Colibra™ library construction system to create a state-of-the-art, highly diverse, synthetic VHH library which can be used in conjunction with the power of CIS display in an highly efficient and effective single domain VHH antibody discovery platform.


Designed in collaboration with leading experts in computational immunology, the llamdA™ (llama domain antibody) System library offers optimal expression of maximised functional diversity. Operated on Isogenica’s CIS display, the llamdA™ System routinely interrogates more than 1012 library members, equivalent to the circulating repertoire of one million llamas.


If you wish to test the power of the llamdA™ System, why not contact us?


Advantages of the llamdA™ System


  • State-of-the-art library design
  • Library design accurately translated into library build using Colibra™
  • Reduced liabilities through Colibra™ codon methods
  • Purely in vitro, no need for immunisation
  • Automatable selection through cell-free CIS display
  • Available for screening and licensing, contact us

Binders isolated in half the time of llama immunisations
Far greater diversity than through llama immunisations