Xab™ System – fully and semi-synthetic human antibody fragments


We have generated a set of scFv libraries which incorporate varying degrees of synthetic and natural human antibody fragments. The Xab™ System libraries have utilised the precision of Colibra™ to ensure the accurate realisation of our semi- and fully synthetic designs.


The scFv libraries incorporate design principles to optimise functionality and expression via phage display. The resultant Xab™ System is capable of generating antibody fragment leads with defined specificity and desired affinities that can be converted to full IgG format with retention of binding characteristics.


If you wish to test the power of the Xab™ System, why not contact us?


Advantages of the Xab™ System


  • State-of-the-art library design
  • Precision construction through Colibra™ library fabrication
  • Optimisation for functionality and phage display
  • Available for screening and licensing, contact us
State-of–the-art synthetic scFv antibody fragment design
A robust starting point for IgG discovery