Colibra™ - precision fabrication of complex libraries


There is little point in designing complex state-of-the-art libraries if advanced features, designed to maximise functionality and minimise errors and liabilities, cannot be reliably incorporated into the final library build.


The incorporation of stop codons and frame-shifts are a common feature of using degenerate oligonucleotides whilst poor control of codon incorporation is a feature of using TRIM technology.

Isogenica’s Colibra™ technology ensures libraries are built with precise codon ratio control at each variant position, surpassing other approaches and ensuring the accurate realisation of the library design.

As a result libraries built with Colibra™ offer unprecedented opportunities to maximise active functional diversity.

Translating design into reality
Reducing unwanted liabilities in lead antibodies


9th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress 2016

London, UK | 18th-19th April 2016
Isogenica is pleased to be attending this event and looks forward to meeting you

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Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2015

San Diego, CA, USA | 7th-10th December 2015
Come and listen to us present on the Live Theater Stage about how we can add value to your antibody discovery programmes

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Abdurin Therapeutic Scaffold

Cambridge, UK | 27th August 2015.


Isogenica and Research Corporation Technologies (RCT) publish paper exemplifying RCT’s proprietary Abdurin therapeutic scaffold...

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Isogenica Secure Funding

Cambridge, UK | 14th July 2015

Today, Isogenica, Cambridge UK and Imperial College London secure funding from the...

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