Isogenica Ltd today announced that it had been successful in securing a Framework 7 grant for €700,000 over the next three years, part of a €5.55 million project with consortium grant funding of €3.99 million. The grant commenced in January 2012.

The 10 consortium members are Apogenix GmbH, Biametrics GmbH, Center for Advanced Bioanalysis, German Cancer Research Centre, Isogenica, Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT), Microsystems LTD, PEPperPRINT, Technical University of Varna, The MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (University of Oxford).

The project will use Isogenica’s CIS display techniques combined with high-throughput sequencing to screen hundreds of trillions of peptides and to identify up to 100,000 peptide hits against target proteins. The consortia will apply additional technologies to develop an advanced system for ‘deep’ screening of peptide libraries against therapeutic targets.

Kevin Matthews, CEO, Isogenica, commented:

“We are delighted that the quality of this project proposal has been recognised and funded.  The consortium partners are committed to improving the efficiency of peptide lead discovery and we believe this project brings that goal one step nearer.”



Kevin Matthews, CEO Isogenica
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Note to Editor:

About Isogenica

Isogenica specialises in the discovery and optimisation of therapeutic and diagnostic peptides, proteins and antibodies using its proprietary technology, CIS display.  Founded in 2000, Isogenica has developed a unique capability in the field of protein engineering.  Isogenica’s CIS display technology is an in vitro display technology that allows the rapid generation of polypeptide and antibody libraries from which it is possible to select lead molecules with high affinity and specificity for most targets.


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