VHH albumin half-life extention

A humanised VHH antibody that binds to Human Serum Albumin with nanomolar affinities and can be easily combined with alternative VHH molecules


A Valuable Addition for Antibody Therapeutics

    Coupling of drugs to Human Serum Albumin offers the opportunity to control and fine-tune the pharmacokinetic qualities without altering functional activity of the antibody molecules.

Iso-XTend™ half life extension

  • FcRn-mediated serum half-life extension
  • Enables small, felxible molecules

  • Avoids low affinity Fc Receptor binding

  • Easily formatted for versatile applications

Partnerships at Isogenica

Isogenica’s partnerships with global biopharmaceutical companies have resulted in a deep pipeline including one clinical Phase II asset and numerous partnered pre-clinical and discovery programs.