Single Domain Biotherapeutics

Single Domain Biotherapeutics

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Isogenica develops therapeutic VHH:
highly versatile small format antibodies which we use to construct next generation biotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer, inflammation and other serious diseases.

Our VHH can be assembled to create bi-specific and multi-specific biotherapeutics, or used to achieve targeted drug delivery as components of ADCs and cell and gene therapies including CAR-Ts.

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CAR-T London Spring 2023

CAR-T London Spring 2023

Back in February 2023 our Director of Discovery, Marion Cubitt attended the 6th Annual CAR-TCR summit.  

Isogenica turns 25: Our journey

Isogenica turns 25: Our journey

We’ve come a long way over the past quarter century, from our early years as a therapeutic peptide discovery company to specialising in VHH antibodies. Here’s the story…

Isogenica’s partnerships with global biopharmaceutical companies have resulted in a deep pipeline including one clinical Phase II asset and eleven partnered pre-clinical and discovery programs.

Isogenica works with partners through collaborative research and commercial licenses to further develop proprietary LlamdA® VHH or to discover novel LlamdA® VHH as direct therapeutics and targeting agents.


Isogenica Biopharmaceutical Partnerships

Careers at Isogenica

A career at Isogenica provides an opportunity to lead, execute or support the commercial development of next generation biotherapeutics.