The VHH Company

Your partner in small antibody discovery and engineering

The VHH Company

Your partner in small antibody discovery and engineering

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Industry-disrupting small antibody solutions to accelerate your innovation 

Isogenica is a bespoke biotech CRO specialised in solving antibody discovery and engineering challenges with small-format antibodies, particularly VHH single-domains. 

VHHs – the future of medicine 

Sometimes known as nanobodies, sdAbs, or heavy-chain single domains, VHHs offer exceptional robustness, flexibility, and manufacturability
accelerating antibody discovery and development. Their versatility makes them suitable for use in bi-specifics, ADCs, cell and gene therapies, targeted protein degraders, diagnostics and much more. 

We believe VHHs are the future of medicine – and our synthetic technology gives our VHH libraries the edge in accelerating your drug discovery and development programmes so you can focus on developing the ideas and technologies that could change lives.  

Isogenica’s technology – faster discovery of better antibodies 


Offering the largest and most diverse synthetic VHH (nanobody) libraries available on the market, combined with our proprietary CIS display technology, means that VHH discovery with at Isogenica can interrogate up to 1000x more VHH antibody sequences than other display technologies.

Our knowledge and experience of VHH, combined with our synthetic libraries’ size and diversity help deliver better antibodies faster, with higher affinity and broader IP coverage. 

Our in-house experts tailor each project to meet bespoke needs, allowing us to provide industry-disrupting antibody solutions to our partners in around half the time of a traditional animal immunisation campaign. 




Who we are 

Originally founded near Cambridge, UK over 25 years ago, Isogenica has evolved to become The VHH Company™
.  As an established and trusted antibody partner, our track record of success includes dozens of lead panels, including three clinical-stage assets.


Isogenica Building

We work as an extension of your team, regularly updating you on our progress. Our highly skilled protein engineers follow your project from start to finish, enabling data-driven decision-making throughout. This bespoke and collaborative approach to antibody discovery extends to how we do business – working flexibly with different partners with uncompromising passion and dedication.

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🎂 Join us in celebrating our 25th birthday

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Careers at Isogenica

A career at Isogenica provides an opportunity to lead, execute or support the commercial development of next generation biotherapeutics.