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VHH multi-specifics offer improved tumour targeting and tissue penetration. VHH can also be combined with conventional antibodies to create novel antibody formats and functionality.

Isogenica VHH antibodies are easily engineered with carefully designed affinities, valencies and specificities to meet a variety of therapeutic needs, enabling refined cell targeting and modes of action while also minimising off-target toxicity.

Isogenica have developed fully synthetic, in vitro plug-and-play cassette-based approach to efficiently generate combinations of multi-specific VHH and have exemplified this in in vitro studies.

  • Isogenica’s libraries ensure standardised flanking sequences that can be easily slotted into bi- and tri-specific expression cassettes
  • Cross-species specific anti-albumin VHH binds to protein A to simplify downstream CMC
  • Production in mammalian expression systems and scaled-up purification facilitates developability and functional testing, including T-cell activation

VHH Antibody Pipeline

Isogenica are developing a suite of VHHs as stand alone assets and for incorporation into our multi-specific platform. Read about our partnered discovery pipeline to find out more.

Advantages of VHH in



VHH can access a larger repertoire of antigens including hidden ones with equivalent affinities to mAb but at 1/10th of the size. Can be used to target two different antigens on same cells or on different, thus increasing specificity and limiting off-target binding

Avidity - Affinity

Multiple VHHs can be conjugated in multispecific formats to increase avidity and affinity of binding to target. Due to VHH smaller size, in comparison to mAb more VHH can be conjugated together before size becomes a limitation.


VHH can be easily engineered with carefully designed specificities to multiple tissue types, enabling refined cell targeting. The manufacturing process is also easier with reduced costs in comparison to mAb


VHH in Multi-specifics



VHH as building blocks for immune and tumour cell-targeting

Watch our CSO deliver a webinar on the advantages of using VHH in multi-specific formats to engage immune cells and target tumour cells.


Clinical landscape and applications of single domain VHH antibodies for optimisation of next generation T-cell immunodirection therapies

The whitepaper summarises the clinical and research landscape for CAR-T and T-cell engaging antibody therapies and show how single domain VHH antibodies can be applied to optimise the next generation of these important new therapeutic modalities


Isogenica – University of Leicester

PHD student sponsorship

Through our collaboration with the University of Leicester and the sponsorship of a PhD student, we are able to demonstrate Isogenica’s VHH capabilities in multispecific formats.