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Isogenica turns 25: Our journey

We’ve come a long way over the past quarter century, from our early years as a therapeutic peptide discovery company to specialising in VHH antibodies. Here’s the story…


Webinars are a great source for the latest activities at Isogenica. Hear all about the newest applications of VHH.

Nature Webinar

Register for Isogenica's upcoming webinar Join Isogenica for the upcoming webinar with Nature on 'VHH as building blocks for immune and tumour cell-targeting', presented by Isogenica's CSO Bill...


Due to their unique characteristics, VHH are promising candidates for a range of application areas including intracellular targeting and even across the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Discover all the benefits in using VHH in different applications.



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📣 Synthetic libraries are our forte and here’s why…

This edition we’re talking synthetic libraries: read on to see how we can save up to 8 months on immunisation alone compared with traditional approaches. Since November we’ve seen Dave attend Genesis in London, Ben go to PEGS, Barcelona, and Marion off to CAR-T, London. March will see our MRC iCASE PhD student, Natasha Spena continue her project at the University of Leicester. We’re proud to announce a new partnership with Arvinas, and finally, we ask: was our Director of Business Development, Dave Mead, correct about his biopharma predictions for 2023? And look to his predictions for 2023.

Small is beautiful – VHHs for next generation cell therapies

We’re experts on VHH antibodies. Read on to discover the advantages of using VHHs in CAR targeting, our recently launched ISOXTEND® technology, and how our VHHs are being tested in a potential new therapy for heart failure. We’re also delighted to announce that Marion Cubitt, our Director of Discovery, has been awarded a place on a prestigious RAEng scale-up accelerator programme.

Creating the next generation of immunotherapies

Immunotherapy has transformed the cancer treatment landscape in recent years, harnessing the power of the immune system to target cancer cells. However, checkpoint inhibitor drugs don’t work for all patients, so the hunt is on for more targeted and personalised therapies that directly engage immune cells with cancer cells.

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