Webinars and podcasts

Webinars and podcasts are a great source for the latest activities at Isogenica. Hear all about the newest applications of VHH.


Nature: Using synthetic VHH to optimize T-cell mediated immunotherapies

This webinar summarises the clinical and research landscape for CAR-T and T-cell engaging antibody therapies and show how single domain VHH antibodies can be applied to optimise the next generation of these important new therapeutic modalities.

Bispecific Discovery: where do we start – and where are we going?

This webinar covers the unique characteristics of VHH, including high stability, comparable affinity to standard IgGs and their flexibility in terms of generating multi-specific therapeutics. These properties, combined with Isogenica’s humanised, CMC-liability free VHH libraries allows us to generate novel multi-specifics at unmatched speed and quality. 



What Makes Cancer so Hard?