Alliance partnerships

We’re proud to showcase our alliance partnerships with companies across the world. We provide our Alliance Partners with clinical assets, services and ongoing support throughout their journey with us.

Aro Biotherapeutics

Teaming up with Aro, we’re working with them using our CIS display to identify and characterise novel Centyrins™ against target antigens. Read more.


We’ve teamed up with Arvinas who are leveraging our CIS display technology in support of advancing and expanding their PROTAC® platform. Read more.


We have an ongoing research programme with AstraZeneca. The partnership centres around the use of our CIS display technology for the discovery of peptides which are specific for, and biologically active against, targets provided by AstraZeneca.

Read more here and find out about an example target, phospholamban.

Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Our multi-project contract is aiming to develop molecules that can be used in clinical laboratory assays to measure biomarkers correlated with the molecular effectiveness of cancer immuno-oncology agents. Read more.


Our partnership with Takeda sees them use our family of VHH single-domain antibody libraries for the discovery, development and commercialisation of therapeutic products. Read more.


Our partnership with WellmarkerBio and Isogenica involves the research and development of antibody-based cancer immunotherapy, Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) Inhibitors, biomarkers and peptide libraries. Read more.

Partnerships at Isogenica

Isogenica’s partnerships with global biopharmaceutical companies have resulted in a deep pipeline including one clinical Phase II asset and eleven partnered pre-clinical and discovery programs.