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VHH antibody discovery CRO cutting your timelines in half with the world’s largest libraries.
Isogenica Biopharmaceutical Partnerships Lab

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with the largest libraries on the market

Isogenica is a biotechnology contract research organisation (CRO) specialised in small-format antibody discovery.

In particular, we focus on VHH – single-domain antibodies that offer exceptional robustness, flexibility, and scalability across varied therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

Combining the largest and most diverse synthetic VHH libraries available with our proprietary, cell-free CIS display technology means that these uniquely vast libraries can reach their full potential.

Our expert scientists tailor-make each project, allowing us to provide industry-disrupting antibody solutions to partners in around half the time of a traditional animal immunisation campaign.

25 years’ experience as a trusted

Small-Format Discovery CRO

Founded near Cambridge, UK, originally as a peptide-specialist spin-out over 25 years ago, Isogenica has evolved to become The VHH Company™.

Originally derived from camelids, VHH single domains are now one of the most accepted next-generation antibody therapeutic formats and ideal building blocks for antibody engineering. We believe that VHH antibodies are a key modality for the future of medicine, and that high-quality synthetic libraries will prove increasingly critical in securing IP and ensuring commercial success.

As an established and trusted antibody discovery CRO, our track record of success includes dozens of lead panels, three clinical-stage assets, and more than ten partnered pre-clinical and discovery-stage programmes.

Meet the Team

Our expert team come from diverse CRO, biopharma, and academic backgrounds from around the globe. United by Isogenica’s Values, they bring together vital skills to deliver the best outcomes to our clients in a rapid and collaborative service.
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