Single Domain Biotherapeutics

Humanised single domains for direct therapeutics and targeted delivery.

LlamdA® & VHHantage Antibodies

LlamdA® and VHHantage VHH are humanised monovalent antibodies.

LlamdA VHH Libraries

Small in size (15 kD), biophysically robust and with tunable half-lives these antibodies are ideal for targeting inaccessible epitopes, achieving enhanced tissue penetration, multi-target binding and formatting for payload delivery.

LlamdA® is Isogenica’s proprietary fully synthetic single domain VHH library, built with our precision COLIBRA® technology to eliminate liabilities and provide biophysically robust therapeutic antibodies. The VHHantage library also offers greater diversity, less liabilities and more developable humanised VHH antibodies.

Isogenica ISOXTEND® half-life extension for biotherapeutics 

Our VHH-based ISOXTEND® technology protects biotherapeutics from kidney clearance by ‘piggybacking’ onto the serum albumin endocytic recycling pathway, significantly extending therapeutic half-life.

What are


In the early 1990’s researchers discovered that camels and llamas produce heavy-chain only antibodies.

Their small size, high stability and full antigen binding capacity identified them as potentially excellent building blocks for novel non- IgG biotherapeutics.

In 2019 the first VHH biotherapy received FDA approval. Originally discovered and developed by Ablynx, Caplacizumab gained regulatory approval in February 2019. New approvals are expected imminently with a significant and growing pipeline of VHH therapeutics in clinical development.

VHH Features

VHH Applications