Henry Nell

Laboratory Assistant
Photo of Victoria Palmer

Why did you join Isogenica?
“I was on my gap year and wanted to gain some practical lab experience before I went off to Newcastle University to study pharmacology. I reached out to Isogenica to ask if I could get some lab experience with them, and they created the role of Laboratory Assistant for me! It’s been such a success that they’ve made it into a formal role on the team.”   

What made you come back to the team? 
“Isogenica is a great place to work! It’s been fantastic to join the team once again during my university’s long summer break and get the chance to further hone my lab skills. The whole team is nurturing yet I don’t feel like a student. I’ve been given responsibilities that challenge me, making each day interesting, yet everyone is willing to offer me a helping hand should I need it.”    

What does a typical day at work look like? 
“When I arrive, my first task is to check the lab is neat and tidy, taking out the recycling and washing and sterilising glass bottles or other reusable equipment. I also set up items the science team needs, including making growth media and pouring agar plates. I recently made my first gel for gel electrophoresis, which is used to separate DNA, RNA, and proteins.”  

What do you enjoy the most about working at Isogenica?
“I like that I’m responsible for a variety of different tasks and have the autonomy to get things done in the order I think is best. I enjoy being given science-based tasks that stretch my skills. At the moment, I’m re-cloning some DNA of interest into a new vector. It’s keeping me on my toes, but I know I have the training needed to do it well on my own.”  

What would you say to someone who is interested in getting into science but hesitant to make the first step? 
“It might feel like a big jump from learning science at school to working in a lab, but in reality I found it to be pretty seamless. It can be scary to experience anything new for the first time, but there are huge benefits to conquering this initial fear and the knowledge you’ll come away with is priceless. Isogenica has helped by providing all the training I need and ensuring I can ask questions at any time.”

What do you do in your spare time?
“I’m a huge fan of live music, particularly electronic and dance – the louder the better. So I love going to gigs and festivals whenever possible.”

What is your favorite TV series?
“It’s an oldie but a classic – Peep Show!” 

Interested in joining the Isogenica team?
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