Isogenica is attending BIO Europe 2021

Oct 1, 2021

Isogenica is excited to announce its attendance at BIO-Europe Digital 2021.

Isogenica’s Director of Business Development Dr David Mead, and Associate Director of Marketing, Dr Mandeep Sehmi will be attending BIO-Europe Digital 2021 October 25-28th.

BIO-Europe Digital provides an excellent opportunity to expand and update our network.

Isogenica’s focus for BIO-Europe 2021 is to demonstrate our developing pipeline and present compelling new data regarding our platform and technology.

Isogenica specialises in single-domain biotherapeutics. In collaboration with biopharmaceutical partners over the last decade, Isogenica has developed a deep pipeline including two clinical assets (Phase I and II respectively) and numerous partnered discovery and pre-clinical stage programs with cutting edge global biotech.

VHH represent an ideal format for construction of next generation therapeutics due to their unique biophysical properties; they are small, robust and highly modular. Thus, VHH can be incorporated successfully in CAR-T, T-cell engaging therapeutics, Antibody Radio Conjugates, Antibody Drug Conjugates and bispecific and multispecific formats. Another key advantage to having a synthetic library is that Isogenica can deliver developable VHH antibodies faster than conventional immunisation methods.

If Isogenica VHH antibodies have application in your discovery projects or you would like to learn more about partnering with Isogenica, get in touch and we will be glad to schedule a meeting.

Further Information

Isogenica has developed LlamdA™ (single domain VHH) therapeutic antibodies from its proprietary fully synthetic antibody libraries and leveraging its CIS Display and Colibra™ technologies to accelerate the discovery and development process.  Over the last four years Isogenica has entered into eight significant partnerships, leveraging its libraries, technologies and expertise to build a broad pipeline of programs that are now advancing into pre-clinical and early clinical development with our partners.”


Mandeep Sehmi,
Business Development

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