Isogenica-Phenotypeca Further Collaboration through Medilink Award

Apr 25, 2022

Isogenica-Phenotypeca collaboration spear-headed by SMART Grant award


Isogenica are furthering their collaboration with Phenotypeca, whose platform will deploy yeast-display for multivalent VHHs to accelerate drug candidate selection in vitro, while identifying and providing yeast strains for commercial manufacture.

An Innovation Support Grant (ISG) grant from Medilink has provided the boost to allow Phenotypeca to develop its exceptional yeast breeding platform to develop high throughput screening and optimised protein manufacture including the cell surface display of VHH multi-specific molecule antibodies. The project will see improved productivity and reduce the time to produce quality Isogenica VHH antibody-based therapeutics.

Read the full Press Release and find out how this  collaboration advances our discovery efforts.

Further Information

Isogenica specialises in single-domain biotherapeutics (VHH antibodies). In collaboration with biopharmaceutical partners Isogenica has developed a deep pipeline including two clinical assets  and numerous partnered discovery and pre-clinical stage programs.

Isogenica’s library is fully synthetic, providing a key advantage that VHH are generated to specific epitopes which are difficult to target using conventional immunisation methods. Isogenica’s library can be displayed in phage or in the company’s proprietary CIS Display technology. Using our proprietary platform and technology, we deliver therapeutic antibodies that meet the highest standards of quality and developability. Isogenica’s team specialise in discovery projects from target QC to Candidate selection.

VHH represent an ideal format for incorporation in CAR-T, T-cell engaging therapeutics, Antibody Radio Conjugates, Antibody Drug Conjugates and bispecific and multispecific formats. These antibodies are developed to a target product profile with carefully designed affinities, valencies and specificities enabling refined tumour cell targeting and modes of action.



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Associate Director Marketing

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