Esteemed Cancer Researchers Visit Isogenica

Oct 22, 2021

Isogenica welcomes MRC iCASE PhD Award successful applicant 

We were delighted to welcome Members of The Ernest and Helen Scott Haematological Research Institute at the University of Leicester and successful applicant for the MRC iCASE PhD Award at Isogenica’s premises this week. 

There, following a tour and warm welcome from the Isogenica Team, detailed technical discussion of project planning were taken.

Speaking about this exciting collaboration between Isogenica and the University of Leicester,  Dr Harriet Walter shares:

‘(We) were delighted to visit Isogenica today to discuss clinical development opportunities in B cell malignancies for their VHH precision medicine bi- and multi-specific antibody development programme. The exciting opportunities for targeting multiple tumour antigens and harnessing the patient’s own immune system using their novel technology has the potential for improved anti-tumour targeting whilst reducing toxicity.    ​

Isogenica are currently supporting an MRC iCASE PhD studentship at the University of Leicester where this technology will be tested in preclinical models. This is an exciting opportunity for an academic and industry collaboration with a route to the clinic.’

Antibodies will be discovered from the Isogenica LlamdA library for targets in haematological malignancies, utilising cutting edge techniques, and will be characterised within Isogenica’s state of the art facilities.  Studies of the biological function of these antibodies will be undertaken at Professor Martin Dyer’s lab where a diverse set of laboratory and bio-informatics skills will be taught.​

This project provides an exciting opportunity for the student to be involved in cutting edge research at the cancer-immunology interface, incorporating research in advanced therapeutics, precision medicines and diagnostics discovery.