Victoria Palmer

Laboratory Facilities Manager

Photo of Victoria Palmer

When did you join Isogenica?
“In April 2013, I joined Isogenica as the company’s first Laboratory Assistant. I’ve been here ever since and am now the Laboratory Facilities Manager.”

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
“Every day is different because a big part of my role is helping others with what they need. I enjoy going with the flow and supporting the science staff to make their work smoother. This can involve making media and plates, helping new starters to get their bearings and generally answering any questions. I’m also in charge of ordering and fixing important equipment. I find it very satisfying to fix an issue because I know how much it can affect our scientists’ timelines.”

What’s the biggest difference between Isogenica when you first joined and now?
“Isogenica both has and hasn’t changed that much in my 10 years. Some major changes have been moving from working on peptides to VHH antibodies, upgrading the lab and gaining new staff. While new people have come and gone, our positive working culture and supportive atmosphere has been sustained. The people who work here are amazing and I can remember every single one of the people who I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

How do you contribute to Isogenica as a whole?
“My colleagues describe me as the glue that keeps everything together. I’m one of the most handy people on the team and generally always know how to fix things, not to mention being the leading force for Health and Safety. If there’s something I don’t know, I dip into my fantastic network that I’ve built up over the years to help further our science and lab work. We want to work with the best and do our best, and I help make that happen.”

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
“I love working with the people here and I always enjoy problem-solving tasks. It’s also great being in Chesterford Park because it means I can take a walk around the woods to help me think about things and reset, then come back to carry on with the day.”

Why did you join Isogenica? And what made you stay for 10 years?
“I heard Isogenica was a great place to work from friends who had recently joined the team – one of whom went on to become my brother-in-law! I’ve felt Isogenica’s positive atmosphere and working culture first hand, which is the main reason why I’ve stayed. It’s the most supportive place I’ve ever worked, and the company has supported me through starting a family and needing to take periods of flexible and part-time work.”

What’s your stand-out moment from your 10 years at Isogenica?
“Over Christmas 2019, I was in charge of completing the lab refit. I’m proud of getting it ready in time for the team’s return in the New Year and reducing down time. It’s now a much better space, which was really needed. I also led the work to turn an old lab into our new tissue culture room during COVID in early 2021. That was another big achievement – managing the update while working predominantly from home and also homeschooling two kids.”

What do you do in your spare time?
“I love baking and I’ve won the Isogenica bake off competition with my secret lemon loaf recipe. I also really like building Lego and I’m currently working on the modular Harry Potter Hogwarts castle (carefully kept out of reach from my children).”

What is your favourite TV series?
“I’m a big fan of Netflix. I particularly enjoy classic serial killer TV series such as Dexter and I’m now trying out the new ‘You’ series, but still holding out my judgement on it.”

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