Isogenica announces two Pioneering Collaborations with an Antibody Research and License Agreement, and an Asset Evaluation Deal

Nov 30, 2023

Isogenica, a leading innovator in VHH antibodies, is proud to unveil two significant collaborations using its synthetic VHH technology, demonstrating the company’s commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge research and development. One is a multi-target Antibody Research and License Agreement with a prominent biotechnology company based in the United States. The other involves a VHH Asset Evaluation Agreement with a leading UK Biotech, the names of which cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements.

Antibody Research and License Agreement Highlights:

This multi-target VHH discovery deal leverages the expertise and resources of both Isogenica and the undisclosed biotechnology company to bring novel therapies to patients worldwide. The collaboration will drive joint research initiatives, combining the strengths of both companies to explore new applications for VHHs in emerging therapeutic areas. 

VHH Asset Evaluation Agreement highlights:

Isogenica has transferred a panel of pre-discovered VHH assets to a UK-based life sciences company for their evaluation as therapeutic entities. This agreement marks an exciting new phase for Isogenica unveiling the availability of our off-the-shelf asset panels to provide partners with faster routes to creating new molecules. 

Isogenica’s CEO, Bill Eldridge, expressed enthusiasm about both collaborations, stating, “These partnerships signify an important moment for Isogenica as we actively contribute to the forefront of scientific discovery. We look forward to these partnerships that will drive innovation and make a lasting impact on global healthcare.” 

Details regarding specific projects, timelines, and financial terms of both agreements remain confidential. 

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About Isogenica 

Isogenica is a biotechnology company specialising in the discovery and development of small format single chain VHH antibodies. We are leaders in our domain, having developed a fully synthetic, in vitro plug-and-play cassette-based approach to efficiently generate combinations of bi- and tri-specific biotherapeutics. Drawing on more than 20 years at the forefront of antibody discovery and engineering, we have built a unique and proven engine for biotherapeutic development and a deep pipeline including two clinical stage assets and more than ten partnered pre-clinical and discovery stage programmes. 

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