Isogenica multi-year multi-target collaboration with Aro Biotherapeutics extended

Jan 18, 2021

Isogenica-Aro collaboration goes from strength to strength  

Isogenica today announced the collaboration and license agreement signed with Aro Biotherapeutics in June 2018 has been extended, following successful partnership to identify and characterise novel CentyrinsTM against target antigens. 

The Alliances team have applied their expertise by employing rigorous antigen quality control and developing highly efficient high throughput screening and purification techniques through optimised automation processes.  

“A core value at Isogenica is to ensure we work collaboratively with our partners, investing in joint successes at the onset of projects right through to completion. This means we take an integrated approach ensuring clear planning and project execution  with regular and transparent communication” Marion Cubitt, Associate Director of Alliances.  

Through this partnership, Isogenica has successfully identified a diverse range of functional clones through the application of their proprietary CIS display technology. These human proteins have been engineered to have unique properties that make them ideally suited to target receptors on specific cells and deliver complex drug payloads to specific disease sites.

Further Information

Isogenica is an antibody discovery biotechnology company specialising in single-domain antibody therapeutics. The company’s fully synthetic single domain library is designed from the DNA up, to eliminate liabilities and improve the biophysical traits of library antibodies. Combined with CIS Display, Isogenica’s proprietary antibody display platform which enables the full diversity of the company’s massive libraries to be displayed, the company has a unique and proven engine for therapeutic antibody discovery and development. Working in collaboration with biopharmaceutical partners over the last decade the company has developed a deep pipeline including two clinical stage assets and numerous partnered pre-clinical and discovery stage programmes.


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