Isogenica supports MRC iCASE PhD Award

Nov 30, 2020

The successful applicant will gain industry experience in single domain VHH antibody discovery at Isogenica and renowned haematology research labs of Professor Martin Dyer, University of Leicester

This project provides an exciting opportunity to be involved in cutting edge research at the cancer-immunology interface, incorporating research in advanced therapeutics, precision medicines and diagnostics discovery.  Antibodies will be discovered from the Isogenica LlamdA library for targets in haematological malignancies using utilising cutting edge techniques, and characterise these within Isogenica’s state of the art facilities.  Studies of the biological function of these antibodies will be undertaken at Professor Martin Dyer’s lab learning a diverse set of laboratory and bio-informatics skills, through cross-institutional working, gaining expertise in cell culture, flow cytometry, cell viability assays, CyTOF and single cell sequencing.

The studentship will be embedded within the Ernest and Helen Scott Haematological Research Institute, at the UoL, which has existing research strengths in B cell malignancies and understanding of the role of the immune system in the treatment of DLBCL.

Further Information

Project title:

Antibodies that redirect T cells to kill aggressive lymphomas SupervisorsHarriet Walter (University of Leicester), Martin Dyer, Edward McGowan (Isogenica), Sandrine Jayne and Naeem Khan

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