Marion Cubitt

Director of Discovery

What does work for you typically entail?
My role is to provide scientific input and manage the resourcing of the Discovery team on both in-house and partnered drug development programs. I do a lot of campaign design, project management, regular communication with partners, and contribute to troubleshooting where necessary. I still like to keep a toe in the lab too, running occasional experiments when I can.”

What is one way that you contribute to Isogenica as a whole?
“I manage a lot of the resourcing, which might sound boring, but it’s like solving a puzzle fitting together the company priorities with the skills and personal development needs of the team.”

What do you enjoy most about your job at Isogenica?   “I love the variety in the work, especially working with our partners who come at VHHs from myriad angles, looking at different uses and disease areas. As corny as it sounds I also really enjoy being a manager, always looking for opportunities for the team to learn and grow.”

Why did you join Isogenica?
“I wanted to put my VHH experience to good use, and I was excited to hear that Isogenica were embarking on an internal pipeline. I like the small-company atmosphere where you can feel like you’re making a tangible contribution.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Anything food-related. I love cooking, sharing meals with family and friends where I can, and growing vegetables in my garden. I am a huge sucker for seasonality, so I’m always on the lookout for fruit and vegetable gluts through the summer and autumn to make sure it all gets used.”

What is your favourite book?
 There are two books I have read multiple times as an adult. One is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier – a totally cracking read. The other is Four Hedges by the engraver Clare Leighton. It’s a sort-of-diary that follows a calendar year in her garden in the 1930s, illustrated with her own engravings. Reading it is so calming, and it got me through hard times when my son was first born. It is a true guide to the appreciation of nature and all it’s tiny, wonderful things that so often go unnoticed”

Interested in joining the Isogenica team?

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